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RewardOps is hiring a Javascript Developer to join our ever-growing product team!

RewardOps offers flexible SaaS solutions in the loyalty and rewards space to take the hassle out of technology so our partners can focus on increasing consumer loyalty and redemption. With transparent pricing, honest collaboration, and our suite of products we help our partners supercharge engagement with their members.

Recently acquired by Jonas Software, RewardOps continues to grow with increased year-over-year revenue and growing global partnerships, notably our recent launch of Aeroplan eStore. Our company's size has recently doubled and continues to grow as we expand our offerings and help more and more partners redefine the loyalty and rewards space.

Job Description:

  • RewardOps is a subdivision of Jonas Software, we are looking for a Senior JavaScript Developer for Leading the team to create and maintain features of the app, as well as other apps and tools that show off the RewardOps API and help other developers integrate with us. (JavaScript apps, libraries, SDKs, and a design system)
  • Core SaaS API: helping design API endpoints, as well as provide feedback on what works and what doesn't with it. Sharing ideas for new and improved API endpoints.
  • Leading and mentoring a team of developers: Maintaining high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices and habits.
  • Coordinating with the Product Owners to determine the feasibility of work, identifying bottlenecks, etc.

Job qualifications

  • Have a high level of proficiency with one or more modern front-end frameworks (preferably React), as well as their latest tooling, development patterns, and best practices.
  • Experience developing at least one large/enterprise front-end application that uses state management (e.g., Redux, NgRx).
  • Experience writing tools or servers with Node, and interacting with APIs using OAuth.
  • Be comfortable following (a moderate level of) BDD/TDD and using JS testing frameworks (e.g., Jest, DOM Testing Library, WebDriverIO).
  • Experience working with a team using Git and Git workflows, Agile frameworks (e.g., Scrum), and other modern team development processes.
  • Be great with semantic HTML, CSS, and related tooling (e.g., CSS modules, CSS-in-JS, CSS pre- and post-processors).
  • Be comfortable working with browser developer tools and related extensions (e.g., React Devtools).
  • Be up-to-date on the latest releases of ECMAScript and transpilers like Babel.
  • Must have Experience with API Development, React, JavaScript, and Typescript.
  • Testing framework, React testing Library, and JEST.
  • Prior management experience would be an asset.
  • Strong communication skills, Is able to direct others, and has great planning skills
  • Possess problem-solving and process management skills
  • Is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services and possesses strong technical learning abilities

More about RewardOps Culture

At RewardOps we highly value transparency, collaboration, authenticity, equality, human-centeredness, diversity, and inclusion.

We are a fast-paced company with amazing people dedicated to hard work while making sure that we enable a healthy work/life balance.

Adoption of a work-from-home policy will allow you to choose how you prefer to work and collaborate with your teammates. And, although we are based in Toronto, we have employees in multiple countries and time zones.

Your opinions matter and we take pride in having many forums to express your thoughts and ideas. After all, solving problems is at the core of what we do.