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In this role, you will be the primary developer for the eCommerce websites of several different brands. You will make sure that each website performs well, is accessible for all users, remains secure and up-to-date, and is optimized for search engines. You will make architecture and implementation decisions and write code that results in organized, understandable, and easily maintainable code bases. You will work closely with the marketing team to analyze, report on, and improve website conversion rates.

As a senior web developer, you will be responsible for everything involved in creating, updating, and maintaining each website. You must be able to work independently and apply problem solving and critical thinking skills to overcome any challenges faced. You must also have strong self-organization and time management skills that will allow you to prioritize tasks and work on multiple projects simultaneously. Additionally, you will be responsible for managing projects or external resources related to web development projects.

Required Skills:

  • Web Development Experience – HTML, CSS, JavaScript (5+ years)
  • eCommerce Development Experience (3+ years)
  • WordPress/WooCommerce development (5+ Years)
  • PHP experience (3+ Years)
  • Familiarity with web hosting – domain registrars, DNS configuration, hosting, CDNs, etc.
  • Web Accessibility & Privacy (GDPR/CCPA) knowledge and experience
  • Website performance monitoring tools – Google Analytics, HotJar, Etc.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science / related field or equivalent industry experience preferred

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience managing development projects
  • Familiarity with Node.js (as a web server)
  • Understanding of Node.js ecosystem and tools like npm
  • TypeScript experience
  • Familiarity with git
  • SEO experience
  • eCommerce email automation
  • Email Marketing templating, automations, and segments

Bonus Skills:

  • Experience with Next.js
  • Experience with basic CI/CD pipelines, SSH, SFTP, and other deployment tools
  • Familiarity with Azure ecosystem
  • Experience with testing strategies – unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests


  • Maintain, update, and continually improve several eCommerce websites
  • Ensure all websites are up-to-date, secure, performant, accessible, and compliant with all regulations
  • Make decisions on website architecture, website configuration, development pipelines, and other implementation strategies
  • Implement web designs for new pages, components, and occasionally entire websites
  • Work with operations and marketing to keep products, coupons, and sales up-to-date and accurate
  • Manage all eCommerce integrations – shipping, financing, pixels, email marketing, etc.
  • Configure and maintain email automations for order confirmations, shipping updates, etc.
  • Manage various website or eCommerce related projects
  • Monitor key performance metrics to identify issues or areas of improvement quickly
  • Oversee the technical components of email marketing such as creating automations, managing segments, and using templating syntax in emails

Job Type: Contract

Pay: $40.00 - $75.00 per hour


  • Monday to Friday
  • No weekends
  • On call


  • Front-end development: 3 years (Preferred)
  • WordPress: 5 years (Preferred)

Work Location: Remote