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Mater Dynamics


Lisbon - Portugal

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If you just graduated or will graduate in the next 3 months, and you are looking for a promising career as a Front-End Engineer, well you found a sweet opportunity. Take in consideration that we are ok if you do not have any professional experience in the field yet.

We are looking for one promising young talent that is passionate about implementing and evolving UIs and Design System components. Your role will be to deploy, improve and suggest new UIs that facilitate our users’ experience across web and mobile formats.

Your main duties will be:
  • Design, develop, and test reliable, scalable, and high-performance frontend services.
  • Identify performance bottlenecks by using application profilers and testing tools.
  • Translate designs, wireframes, and business requirements into high-quality UI.
  • Participate on Mater Dynamics Meetings (a 30-min meeting where Mater Dynamics collaborators share relevant advances in the state-of-the-art).

Main requirements
• BSc or MSc in Computer Science Engineering or related field (if proven domain on required knowledge)
  • Solid knowledge in JavaScript & CSS/HTML, and in modern frontend technologies, e.g. React;
  • Excellent documentation, testing and good design practices, and capability to suggest design improvements.

Benefits & Perks
We put all of our employees at very high standards, and we want you to be thoroughly rewarded for that. We believe in providing the best environment to allow you to do your best work, and we currently offer the following.

  • Top of the range equipment to help you do your job to the highest possible standard.
  • Travel pass.
  • An 9-month IEFP internship contract with an optional 12-month contract with a salary boost directly proportional to your performance.
  • This is the most exciting time to join Mater Dynamics, and you will have direct input and influence on the direction we take.
  • A fun and supportive office environment working alongside some real experts.

Apply by email to [email protected] - please put the job title in the subject of the email and write us why you are a fit to work at Mater Dynamics.