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How do we better understand each other, and the world around us? That's the question at the core of Nota. We're a multimedia company using intelligent technology to improve storytelling and reduce friction between perspectives.


Nota's Chief Technical Officer will be in charge of establishing the company's technical vision, leading and managing the entire technical aspect of the organization, working effectively and in line with the organizational goals and targets. The CTO will be expected to make extensive timely research on the technological needs of the organization and to ensure their implementation. Nota's ideal CTO is a top-notch engineering leader who workstop ensure the proper management of all technical resources. Our ideal CTO is an innovator, trendsetter, pacesetter and progressive thinker who is a mentor AND maker, a servant-leader, who leads by example and produces innovative technological solutions. The CTO will report directly to the CEO. The CTO will also make presentations to the board of directors on scheduled intervals. You're accountable, reliable, and creative.


  • Location: Remote
  • Status: Full-Time
  • Hours: Can commit to hours around the 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. MST time frame, Monday through Friday
  • Eligible to work in the United States


Nota's ideal CTO must be experienced not just in the related field of practice, but in handling leadership and managerial roles effectively without hiccups. Our CTO is passionate about contributing to the achievement of our organizational goals.

Typically here is where you'd see JD requirements. If you have a bachelors or masters in computer science; IT, etc. that's great. If you have learned all you know by doing and making, that's as good (maybe better!).

Below are the most crucial of our requirements for CTO at Nota:

  • 7+ years work experience as a software engineer with expertise across technologies relevant to the industry, including: backend development (Node.JS, Go, .Net, etc.), frontend development (React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, etc.), relational and non-relational database systems (SQL, MongoDB, etc.), devops, and cloud-based hosting/infrastructure (AWS, Heroku, etc.)
  • 5+ years experience managing one or more teams
  • Experience building, documenting, and supporting robust RESTful and/or GraphQL based APIs
  • Experience with Machine Learning, especially Natural Language Processing, Regression, etc.
  • Experience with both relational and non-relational databases
  • Deep understanding of Computer Science fundamentals including object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis
  • Advanced Git knowledge (branches, submodules, rebasing)
  • Technology expertise with insights about current technology trends and solutions, and expertise in making research and valid predictions of technological direction that would be of benefit to the organization- we're moving in a new direction NLP, ML, AI, Blockchain and you need to be excited about this too
  • A passion for growing each person on your team through coaching, motivation, and leading by example- no big egos!
  • Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills with both technical and non-technical audiences- evangelize!
  • Ability to learn and teach on-the-fly in a fast-paced environment, take and give direction, and implement creative solutions through collaboration
  • Appreciation for an environment of psychological safety and diversity of thought- we're on a mission to make better sense of the world, which means true diversity of perspectives across all subjects


  • Create and implement strategic plans for the evaluation, architecture, development, security, deployment, and hosting of all Web and Mobile services
  • Participate in key leadership discussions around short-, mid-, and long-term strategies as well as quarterly and annual goal planning to grow people, products, and processes
  • Oversee the security and management of data, including ensuring Nota remains on the cutting edge of personal data protection
  • Write out the technological vision and goals of the organization, including departmental OKRs, and ensure they are achieved and executed
  • Assist other departments in making use of technology effectively, and ensure all relevant team members have technological tools needed for their focus
  • Work with stakeholders to craft, present, review, and implement candidate architecture proposals

Nota is a place for shared values and different perspectives—our team is no exception. Each member of our global crew brings meaningful experience to the table, and we're looking to hire someone who is not afraid to think boldly and recognizes the urgent need to generate larger perspectives.

We're doing hard stuff, and we need talented people to make this happen. Specifically, we're in need of "blank page" builders- blue sky thinkers. We have the vision and the market and features we need to start with for MVP, but need design to bring it all together. That's where you come in—-

If that's you, let's talk!