JavaScript Job: UI Developer (W2 Only - H1 Sponsorship available)

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Jersey City, NJ - United States of America

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NOTE: (One week onsite in a Month)

North Carolina, Texas, Boston, Rhode Island, or Jersey City applicants only.

The Expertise You Have:
Have a passion for technology and can navigate your way across complex and rapidly changing landscapes by staying on top of the latest trends and thrive by sharing knowledge.
Are a creator, a doer, and a disruptor who will help us tackle real-life problems and meet real customer needs. You’ll be helping us build things, taking an idea, and creating rapid prototypes that are shippable and learn from real-life feedback.
Are experienced with the tools of the trade including a variety of modern programming languages and frameworks
Support cycle time and use CI/CD practices, tools to rapidly deploy changes to customers while minimizing risk using practices like A/B tests, blue-green deployments, and feature toggles
Stay on top of Algorithms, Data Structures and Design Patterns and love the challenge of building highly scalable systems that can support thousands of transactions/sec.
Are data-driven and can measure, collect and use data to make decisions. We understand the value of intuition and the need to balance decisions accordingly.
The Skills You Bring
• 5+ years of software development experience
• Strong knowledge of HTTP based APIs, Networking and how the internet works.
• Strong JavaScript, Typescript, CSS, HTML & Browser Developer tools.
• Understand Async code (Promises, Callbacks, Event Loops)
• JS Tooling (ESLint, Webpack , Grunt, Gulp)
• JS MV* frameworks (Angular, React)
• Visual Design & Rapid Prototyping
• Expert at one IDE of choice (VS Code, WebStorm)
• Node.js frameworks NPM, Express
• Automation Tools/Frameworks (Mocha, Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor)
• Advanced Git skills
• API Design & Development, MicroServices Architecture.
• DevOps, Automated Testing and Continuous Delivery

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