JavaScript Job: 8270 - Senior Software Engineer

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Jacksonville, FL - United States of America

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Location: Jacksonville, FL metro area

Hybrid schedule

Permanent FTE role - not a contract


Our client is unfortunately not able to sponsor candidates now or in the future.


We are a fast-growing company committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that embraces different perspectives. If you are excited about this role and our dual mission, and although your past experience may not align perfectly with every listed requirement, we encourage you to apply. You may be the right candidate for this role.

What will you do?

  • Partner with the Director of Engineering - Operational and Strategic Focus and the Director of Product Abundance.
  • Thought-partner with the Leadership Team to strive for continuous improvement.
  • Develop a tactical People Strategy, guiding others to individual and team successes.
  • Foster team relationships that encourage open and honest discussions, supporting ideas over egos.
  • Champion effective communication channels and drive process strategy.
  • Strategize to remove impediments and enable the team to deliver a great platform that clients love to use and we love to build.
  • Empower the team by listening to them, coaching them, and fostering a culture of trust, continuous reflection, and improvement.
  • Plan and strategize for sustainable growth and recruiting.
  • Connect with the community to build networks and recruitment channels.
  • Plan thoughtful development of people and careers.
  • Promote a culture of collaboration, accountability, innovation, and excellence.

Skills & Experience:

  • 2+ years of experience in SaaS software engineering teams.
  • Strong communication skills and willingness to pause, reflect, and revisit.
  • Strong understanding of various software architectures and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Proficient in JavaScript, with working knowledge (or ability to adapt to) Node.js, React, and MySQL.
  • Comfortable with complexities of mobile, web, and mixed environments.
  • Growth mentality, designing for the present and future of the company.
  • Ability to work quickly while maintaining the organization's integrity and position in the marketplace.
  • Opportunistic mindset.