JavaScript Job: Frontend Developer

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iPivot, LLC


Princeton, New Jersey - United States of America

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Required Knowledge and Skills:
4+ years of experience in developing using Vue.js, NodeJS, JavaScript, and TypeScript
ES6/JavaScript proficiency and understanding of JavaScript Design patterns, transpires and module bundlers.
Proficiency in server-side programming with Node.js
Expert knowledge in building Cross-Platform Desktop Applications
Experience in building offline-first applications - PWA
Experience in building cross-platform desktop apps using Electron
Huge plus: experience building Chrome kiosk app and Chrome extensions
Sound knowledge of ECMAScript specification.
Proficiency in integrating production-grade Node.js applications with REST endpoints and NoSQL/Graph DB engines
Proficiency in integrating production-grade Node.js applications with CI pipelines (git, Jenkins)
Proficiency in deploying production-grade Node.js applications with Continuous Delivery and Familiarity with frontend development: HTML5, CSS3 and various frontend frameworks
Understanding of Object-oriented programming,asynchronous and functional programming.
Robust debugging skills and knowledge of automated testing platforms and unit tests.
Ability to work in an agile collaborative environment.
Strong analytical skills, problem-solving aptitude, and good communication skills.