JavaScript Job: Mobile App Development React Native Lead

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Cogent IBS, Inc


Austin, Texas - United States of America

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Cogent Integrated Business Solutions is a global technology company with offices in the USA, India. We specialize in providing niche SAP project/consulting services and Enterprise Mobility services as an SAP partner. Our focus is on delivering high-quality work and prioritizing customer satisfaction above all.

Role Description

This is a full-time on-site role in Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area for a Mobile App Development - React Native Lead. The lead will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day tasks associated with mobile app development using React Native. This includes managing the development team, collaborating with stakeholders, and ensuring project deliverables are met.

Job Description

Technical Skills:

5 + years of professional experience developing mobile applications with React Native for B2C

Strong understanding of JavaScript (ES6+) and React fundamentals.

Proficiency in React Native core concepts like components, props, state, and lifecycle methods.

Experience with asynchronous reactive programming and API calls.

Experience with integrating third-party libraries and APIs into React Native applications.

Experience with styling libraries like Flexbox or styled-components.

Experience with Redux or equivalent state management solution

Working knowledge of native development concepts for iOS and Android would be a huge advantage

Exposure to User Experience related concepts

Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills.

Strong communication and collaboration skills.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Design, develop, and maintain high-quality, performant React Native applications.

Collaborate with designers and back-end developers to translate UI/UX mockups and prototypes into functional mobile app experiences.

Write clean, maintainable, and reusable JavaScript code.

Effectively utilize React Native features and libraries to build native-like mobile apps.

Diagnose and troubleshoot bugs to ensure a smooth user experience.

Write unit and integration tests to ensure code quality.

Desired Skills:

Experience with CI/CD Pipelines

Exposure to Micro Front End Patterns

Experience with testing frameworks like Jest or Detox.

Experience with UX and accessibility best practices.